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Services :: What We Provide

Cell Phone Zone has a repair facilities located all over Houston, TX. Essentially, this means you can walk into our repair facility, drop off your device for repair, and wait for it while it is repaired (in most cases). In addition, since we are located inside major malls, you can do your shopping while we repair your iPhone, iPad, Tablets and Smart Phones.

Broken Screen Repair
Accidents happen. Now you've got a cracked screen and it is non-responsive, not to worry we can fix that!

Broken LCD Display Repair
Can't see your homepage or photos anymore? Display turned black or white and nothing is visible? We've got just the fix!

Home Button Repair
You pressed it several times but your home button is not taking you home no matter how hard you press. We know the feeling; but the good news is that it is time for a home button repair and we can fix that!

Water Damage Repair
You dropped it in water; perhaps you spilled your favorite drink on it. Now it refuses to turn on at all or maybe you're lucky enough that it turns on however some critical functionality no longer works. Come see us today for a thorough assessment and a solution and a free diagnostic.

Battery Repair
It puzzles you quite a bit. You've left your phone on charge all night long, yet it dies only a few minutes when it's not plugged into the electrical outlet. You might be due for a new battery.

Camera Repair
Your front or rear facing camera is not working? No worries, we can fix that!

Power Button Repair
You tried turning on or off your iPhone but nothing happened. You're not sure what caused it to begin with. . Come see us today for a thorough assessment and a solution and a free diagnostic.

Loud Speaker Repair
Oh no, your speaker is not working, can't hear any sound when you're watching your favorite music videos? We can fix that!

Ear Speaker Repair
Can you hear me now? Hello? Hello? Can't hear your caller or it sounds very faint, we can fix that!

Dock/Charge Port Repair
Your Smart Phone does not seem to take charge anymore. You've tried several outlets in your mansion to no avail and rummaged through the shoebox of chargers and still no luck? We've got just the fix.

Microphone Repair
You are saying hello, hello, can you hear me now?! You can hear your caller loud and clear but they can't hear you? We can fix that!

Cash for Used Phones
Do you have old and broken cell phones at home taking unwanted space? Or you have a broken cell phone and hate looking at it because you feel like you can't do anything with it? Sell your used cell phone to Cell Phone Zone. We will buy your unwanted cell phones! We give you cash for your used, old and broken smart phones. Maybe you're tired of your current smart phone and wish to sell it and get some cash to use towards a new cell phone? Turn your unwanted smart phone into cash, today!We give you cash today! Cell Phone Zone pays top dollar for smart phones and tablets less than 2 years old, and we pay lots of cash for iPhones, BlackBerry's, HTC, Samsung, iPad and other smart phones. Come and get cash for your used, broken, and unwanted cell phones today.

Call for Quick Smartphone Repair Service
If you are having trouble with your iPhone or smart phone, Cell Phone Zone can help! We will repair your smart phone, iPhone or tablet in 1 to 3 business days, so you won't be without it for long. We are committed to fast, high-quality, cost-effective smart phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and tablet repairs and services. Visit one of our Houston locations today. Walk-Ins welcome. No Appointment Needed!

Our Technicians
Cell Phone Zone's technicians are trained cell phone, smart phone, and iPhone repair professionals. They have a combined experience of over 10 years and extensive knowledge of all models, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, other smart phones, and tablets. In addition, their skills and experience include HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, LG, Droid, and iOs software repairs.

Our Promise
When you trust your cell phone, smart phone, table or iPhone to Cell Phone Zone, you can expect a live person will be on the phone to answer your questions about your iPhone, iPad and iPod. We stock most replacement iPhone parts in-house. Our smart phone and iPhone repair service prices are the same or lower as competitors' prices. We offer a solid lifetime warranty on our work and parts, except in the case of liquid damage.

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Why should you choose Cell Phone Zone?

Affordable Professional Repair Services – We order in bulk directly from the manufacture to pass the savings on to our customers!
Fast, Friendly, and Knowledgeable Technicians - We take pride and exude confidence in our work, and stay on top of technology trends. We're experts at what we do.
All Walk-ins Welcome – We enjoy educating and informing our customers on the spot so appointments are not necessary. Don't forget to read our customer testimonials.
Unmatched Industry Warranty – We use the best quality parts, all repairs come with a LIFETIME warranty. For more information about our warranty CLICK HERE.
Open Everyday – Our hours of operation are Monday – Saturday 10AM – 9PM, Sunday 12PM – 6PM. We only close three days out of the year!